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保证项目质量进度和客户满意程度是我们不变的宗旨。Projects shall be delivered on time, and the buyer shall be satisfied. That's how simple we see it. There are many opinions and publication about why projects fails, are delayed and so on, but we claim "Keep it simple"!

Reading tips: an excellent interview of prof. Torsten Cegrell

Normally we extract the project specification together with the buyer by performing workshops together with the different user groups. In this way a clear specification is formed in accordance with the needs and expectations of the buyer.



We want to be involved in the buyer's requirements and will not hesitate to voice our opinion if we feel that a proposal can be carried out in a better way. Dialogue and questionning are natural parts of the way we work. We never hand over a solution to the buyer, that we are not happy with ourselves.


数据库医生将为一大型的数据收集项目提供架构,设计以及系统的解决方案。 目前,数据收集领域有着相当广泛的应用,如能源管理,智能住宅和传感器应用等。