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DB-Primer diagram
DB Primer
- our unique database performance tool.

Your Database - at the heart of your company and the key to good business

The single most important component in your company may well be the database. Make sure that it is properly designed from the start. We also have approaches to problem areas within the database field and data driven applications.

Our Products and Services

Architecture. Data-driven web applications. Database mending. These are our main strengths.

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Contact us

We are always looking for challenging projects. Feel free to contact us.

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About DB-doktorn AB

The company was founded in 2008.

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Latest project: CEWQO2013

We are building a conference web-application for CEWQO2013.

Monte carlo-modelling

We are currently developing random variable models for risk evaluation.

LaTeX plugin

Need to share math expressions on your ScrewTurn wiki? -No problems, we made a plugin for just that. Read moreArrow

Collection of measurement data

We are very proud to have been asked to deliver architecture, design and total solution for a large measurement collection project. This area is currently very "hot" within applications such as energy management, intelligent homes and sensory applications.